Monday, July 18, 2011

What's the story Morning Glory

Posted by The Queen Bee at Monday, July 18, 2011
I missed blogging! It took me a year to finally realize that I miss my little piece of place here in worldwide web.  So what happened to me? I just got tired of writing. I thought that I needed to spend less time using the internet and experience life in actuality.  And indeed, there were a lot of things that I was able to accomplish while I was away from blogville.  While being virtually present here all the time, it meant leading a sedentary lifestyle in a way because I get to face the monitor and sit for long hours doing blog hops and thinking about what good posts to write.  I'd like to believe that the whole time I spent being away from here was productive.  For one, I am now 10kilos lighter than my old self a year ago and that's because I was able to spend longer hours doing workout.  That's probably one of the reasons too why blogging took a backseat because losing weight was in the forefront of my priorities last year and I am glad that I am able to achieve the result that I wanted.  With that, there was a light bulb on my head that tells me I am capable of getting the things I want as long as I set my heart and sight to that goal.  I'd like to believe too that, that moment is the start of the end of a long era of depression for me.  I have been dead inside for so long now and it's refreshing to see a little seed of hope sprout and that's when I start to appreciate the beauty of life's challenges.

Challenges! they are spices that give life a taste of excitement.  Now I remember that text saying when life throws you lemons....Now why not make lemonade?  I'm so tired of life giving me a hard time with the challenges I've been up to the past years even until this moment.  So I guess it's better for me to throw challenges to myself one after the other and savor each little triumphs so when time comes that life throws another tough one my way, it would be piece of chicken!

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jeon on July 31, 2011 at 6:33 AM said...

Yeah right! I also had a taste of depression, so often I thought it's going to be my second skin. But luckily, I fell in love! I fell in love with writing that is.

Honestly Nel, I never thought you're a a damn good writer! College pa lang ba tayo, mahilig ka ng magsulat?


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