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August, in a nutshell

Posted by The Queen Bee at Sunday, August 29, 2010
Two more days and we will be ushered to the last quarter of the year 2010.  After looking at my archives, I was somehow feeling remorseful for not having posted much the past two months despite a pool of good things to share and blog about.  I have traveled twice and have been to at least one place that I have never been to in my whole existence.  But, time had passed by so swiftly and we can no longer bring it back so let me just recount the things that happened in August.

Flicks we saw this Month:

Salt Movie Poster
SALT -  Of course, we are huge Angelina fanatics and action movie addicts rolled into one so when Salt was showing, we vowed never to miss it on the silver screen.  It was an added bonus that this movie was shown in the Red Carpet Cinema in Gaisano Mall, one of the two cinemas(the other one is the 3D) that has lounge chairs.  Watching the movie was a real heavenly experience since we're so comfortable and it's the best viewing experience ever since aside from the comfort, you don't have to contend with rude and uncultured seatmates.  Correct me if I am mistaken but I heard in the news that G-Mall has the first cinemas with lounge chairs in the whole Philippines.  Back to the movie, it was excellent and there was never a dull moment.  I had to postpone going to the rest room until the end of the movie just so I wouldn't miss a single thing.

The Expendables movie poster banner

THE EXPENDABLES - When we were growing up, we never missed a single Stallone movie back then. We we crazy about Rambo and Rocky, I guess that's how kids are. If there is one genetic thing that all of us acquired from our parents, it would be  our parents' love for movies particularly action-packed flicks that is readily noticeable.  Since the trailer of this movie was shown, my dad had been counting the days until this will be shown.  I wasn't that happy with this movie and I kinda expected it from the very beginning because of the all-star casting.  True enough, but a little better than Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Pulp Fiction.


Those movies highlight my weekends in August, my weekends are always about going to church, a visit to Mom's tomb and a movie.  Aside from that, there were a lot of things happening like the major, major one would be the Kadayawan Festival which I sadly missed the highlights, shame on me! The heat was just so sore and I couldn't bear that otherwise, I had to compromise my health.  Never mind, I was able to sneak at the Mindanao Trade Expo in Central Bank on its last day though.  The past week was a roller coaster ride of emotions ranging from irritation with how the Manila Bus Hostage Crisis ended, to grief for the loss of lives, the surge of tension and excitement the day after with our Venus Raj competing in the Miss Universe 2010 and frustration  right after that question and answer which many thought cost her the crown.  It was a stressful week for Filipinos really.  I hope the coming weeks will be about good news.

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