Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Nurse's Tale

Posted by The Queen Bee at Saturday, June 19, 2010
I caught up with some old friends this weekend. Most of them were old friends from the office who resigned from their jobs to get a bachelor's degree in Nursing and become a nurse so that they can work abroad. Unfortunately, most of them end up jobless up to this day because they need to earn more volunteer hours before they could apply for a nursing job abroad. One of them said that taking up a Nursing course seemed to be a bad move considering the amount of money they had spent on their studies and volunteer work when they could have just enrolled in a good cna training program and become a certified nursing assistant abroad. Now this proved to be a valuable lesson for those who are planning to work abroad. I have particularly advised my cousin who is planning to work in the United States that it would be cheaper and wiser if he take CNA jobs because there is a high demand for it right now and that the only thing he needs to do is to get certified.

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