Sunday, May 2, 2010


Posted by The Queen Bee at Sunday, May 02, 2010
Thanks GMA for long holidays, I get more time to surf and to blog. I am glad that with the long weekend, I was able to accomplish some mundane tasks that I don't normally get to do these days due to exhaustion after a long day of work and dance practice. To date, I have successfully managed to do things that I need to work on . Here are some of the few things that I have managed to do over the past days which I consider to be quite a feat.

1. Being able to bring my other blog back to life.
2. Being to get my own free copyright. Finally, every blogger should have their works protected.
3. Being able to drop ECs again.
4. Being able to submit entries for meme challenges again which I have missed for several weeks now.
5. Being able to re-connect with friends over Facebook again.
6. Being able to push myself to post more often than the past months.

Now, the list above would probably give an impression that I don't seem to have a life offline. Well, that was just for the things that I love to do online. Offline, I may not have fared much with regards to the loads of chores that I must do. These are some of the tasks at hand that needs to be done today.

1. Do the laundry or else I won't have a uniform to wear tomorrow.
2. My room needs general cleaning. One thing I don't like about the fact that we live near the highway is that our windows accumulate dusts easily.
3. Do some grocery shopping.
4. Go to the parish office to offer some mass for the dead.
5. Visit mom's tomb and tell her some stories.
6. Watch Iron Man 2.( now this seems unlikely considering all the chores I have to do)

The most surprising thing about it all is that I am not complaining. I am happy there's a lot of things to do because it keeps my mind off some depressing thoughts.

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momgen on May 7, 2010 at 9:18 PM said...

I came from the Philippines but i never see that in person. I hope to visit one day. Happy hunting...

Mine is here


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