Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's count our blessings

Posted by The Queen Bee at Sunday, April 18, 2010
I am again on the brink of getting lonely and depressed. When this happens, things really turn out bad because I get so negative to the point of feeling deprived and so unfortunate. So before that happens, let me switch my own paradigm and see the good things that make life worth living. This is a random post so let me count the random things that I derive happiness from recently. I hope there turns out to be as many things on my list. And let's start counting:

1. Yesterday, I was able to drive again after more than a month.
2. The good thing is, the car did not malfunction the whole time I was driving it.
3. We saw a cute and lovable, black K9 at Marco Polo's parking lot yesterday.
4. It's raining today.
5. I am glad to stumble upon my sister's stock of photos.
6. I am happy that my other blog has a PR 3.
7. I had my armpits waxed the first time and it felt great.
8. After several months, I got to eat KFC's original recipe chicken.
9. I am excited about my future travels.
10. Thank God, I have a job.
11. Thank God for wonderful sisters.
12. I had fun watching Clash of the Titans last Sunday.
13. My dog Max II is such a joy to be with.
14. I am happy that I get to update my blogs more these days.
15. There's a number of good opportunities for my other blog and it's enough to keep me smiling.
16. Casey James is so handsome. Thank God he's on American Idol.
17. My birthday is near so I am again thinking of things I want for my birthday.

Whew! I am sure there's a lot more on the list but I am having grumbling tummy right now so off to the kitchen I go.

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