Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Lazy Driver

Posted by The Queen Bee at Tuesday, April 20, 2010
I am driving again after several months of being away behind the wheel. I used to be so confident with my driving skills then and was so excited to drive when our car was new and because I had just acquired the skill. The excitement primarily came from the fact that driving was a new thing to me that I enjoyed it easily. It gives me that feeling of control whenever I am on the road. But then I got too tired of it easily too. On the road, one gets exposed to a lot of unpleasant things. These are the things that got me tired of driving, the long and exhausting traffic that a driver has to go through everyday in a busy city, undisciplined drivers that drives you nuts and thoughtless pedestrians who don't give a damn.

Those things are reality once you hit the road but everyone's got to face them. So, in as much as I would like to retire my driving shoes, I can't seem to do so. It's either I drive or I deal with annoying taxi drivers just so I could get to my destination. I hate commuting in jeepneys too because I am allergic to smoke, I only get to do that on rare occasions now. I still prefer to ride in a taxi because for one, it's airconditioned and two, I don't get to inhale carbon dioxide.

But the real reason behind my qualms in driving mainly streams from the fact that our car, being a few years old now, is acting up. We have already had it overhauled and re-painted just so we could determine which part causes the problem. I am lucky enough not to be caught in mid-traffic because the engine stopped running, and that's because I am too lazy to drive that I don't get to use it. hehehe.... Last Saturday, I almost lost my cool when it starts to feel as though, it would stop and I am in an intersection and the light just turned green. Thank God, the engine didn't die on me. I am thinking that it could be the tires so I am looking for a Tire Review right now so I could fix this problem. Our car's really been trying to get some attention the past few months. Sigh!

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