Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's a Coffee Weather

Posted by The Queen Bee at Saturday, September 26, 2009
We were shocked with the massive impact that typhoon Ondoy brought yesterday to the country's National Capital Region. Nobody expected nor anyone was prepared for the heavy rainfalls yesterday and its aftermath. I am currently watching the Telethon by ABS CBN and officials said the rainfall which lasted for 6 hours is equivalent to a month's rainfall.

Several friends went to Boracay yesterday morning and I am not quite sure if they did arrive in Boracay because it was reported yesterday that trips to Boracay from Iloilo via ferry boats were suspended due to rough seas.

It's really sad when catastrophes like these hit the country. A lot of people lost their precious properties which they bought with their hard-earned money but what's important is that they are alive and safe after the storm.

Meanwhile, it's cold and wet here in the Southern part of the Philippines since yesterday. A weather like this only makes me think of two things: Sleep or Coffee. It's a bed weather but because I woke up so early today, I instantly headed to the kitchen to make myself a cup of heavenly tasting coffee. I'm such a coffee slut that I love the city where I lived even more because it's becoming a haven for coffee sluts like me. I've been to almost every coffee shops there is here in Davao City.

The coffee concoctions above (photos from my coffee-hopping episodes) are everything that I would absolutely love to have on a cold weather like this but I feel so lazy to go out today so I'll be happy and contented with my own version of Capuccino. Thanks to Great Taste coffee and I love the weather, it's just perfect for Coffee. I'm gonna go now to get another cup of goodness.

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Empty Streets on September 27, 2009 at 4:33 AM said...


Dropping by to ask for your prayers and support for the Flood Victims of Typhoon Ondoy that just hit the Philippines, Metro Manila. I was very fortunate that my apartment has been spared from the major flooding but many have died and many more need to be rescued. Drop by over at empty streets to find out how you can also support those that have been hit by this tragedy.


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