Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween Trick or Treat

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It's the first day of the last quarter today and as we approach October, I was fixing my stocks of old photos when I saw our scary snapshots of last year's Halloween Trick or Treat where our office held a contest on the department that can transform their place into the spookiest atmosphere. This is a photo of the contest winner:

The people in our Admin department are so creative because they were able to come up with the best Halloween design using scrap materials. On the day of Halloween itself, there was a Trick or Treat for the little tykes where they dressed up in cute yet spooky Halloween costumes. Some adults also dressed up in Halloween costumes to join the party. I am equally excited what this year's Halloween would be like so I am telling my co-workers to better Buy Halloween Costumes Online or in a Halloween Store Near You.

In the online world, an online Halloween Contest called Jack's Quest which aims to find America's best Halloween adventure is making the buzz these days. All that participants need to do is to submit their story including photos and videos of it from last Halloween and let their readers vote for it.

I am sure people from our department will be up for a lot of brainstorming again as they think of a unique theme for this year's Halloween. I wish that we will be able to win this time.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

My World: People's Park

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I thought of joining another photo meme. I came across the My World Meme in several blogs quite some time ago but wasn't that sure if I can sustain this weekly meme considering I haven't traveled much. On second thought, methinks this meme is about "my world" anyway so why fret.

My first entry for My World would be our People's Park here in Davao City.

A lot of activities can be done inside the People's Park. In fact, people often come here to walk, jog or do other forms of exercise. Families also come together here for picnics while some go here to take photographs. I only wish that they'll be able to maintain the place as time goes by.

This is my entry for:

See more worlds at My World.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's a Coffee Weather

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We were shocked with the massive impact that typhoon Ondoy brought yesterday to the country's National Capital Region. Nobody expected nor anyone was prepared for the heavy rainfalls yesterday and its aftermath. I am currently watching the Telethon by ABS CBN and officials said the rainfall which lasted for 6 hours is equivalent to a month's rainfall.

Several friends went to Boracay yesterday morning and I am not quite sure if they did arrive in Boracay because it was reported yesterday that trips to Boracay from Iloilo via ferry boats were suspended due to rough seas.

It's really sad when catastrophes like these hit the country. A lot of people lost their precious properties which they bought with their hard-earned money but what's important is that they are alive and safe after the storm.

Meanwhile, it's cold and wet here in the Southern part of the Philippines since yesterday. A weather like this only makes me think of two things: Sleep or Coffee. It's a bed weather but because I woke up so early today, I instantly headed to the kitchen to make myself a cup of heavenly tasting coffee. I'm such a coffee slut that I love the city where I lived even more because it's becoming a haven for coffee sluts like me. I've been to almost every coffee shops there is here in Davao City.

The coffee concoctions above (photos from my coffee-hopping episodes) are everything that I would absolutely love to have on a cold weather like this but I feel so lazy to go out today so I'll be happy and contented with my own version of Capuccino. Thanks to Great Taste coffee and I love the weather, it's just perfect for Coffee. I'm gonna go now to get another cup of goodness.

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Sunday Stealing #15: The Fall Meme

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Today we ripped this meme off a blogger called Bikramyogachick from the blog 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge. She explains that this meme was written by the Restaurant Refugee. Hannah posted it on her blog, which is where she discovered it. So we have another relatively "virgin" meme. So we have no need to even explain that we don't trace back origins of a meme! Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: A Fall Meme

It’s not really fall in until...

What did you need to do in the waning days of summer for it to feel complete? Never went to the beach because strangely, it was raining during summer season here. Climate change!

A person I know was wrong for me but about whom I frequently thought after a break-up was... This does not apply to me.

If you could only attend one major sporting event what would it be? Boxing Match of Manny Pacquiao, I need not think on this.

Assuming that you write an anonymous or partially anonymous blog, by what non-physically identifying characteristics might you be identified in a bar? This is tough! I guess if they can read my mind then they'd probably know it's me.

Most blogs cover some sort of niche – personal, political, dating, culinary, etc. What topic, if any, would you like to address on your blog but doesn’t fit into your niche? Travel. I'd love to write about places but unfortunately, I haven't traveled much.

If you could manipulate the time space continuum and give as many as three pieces of advice to a younger version of yourself, what advice would you give and to what age of you? Be more affectionate and loving to your parents - to a 13-year old me; Strive for excellence in everything that you do - to a 16-year old me in College; Make things happen - to a 20-year old me who's fresh out of College and about to enter the real world.

Who among your friends do you really wish had a blog because their stories, or perspective on something ought to be shared? It would be Agnes.

If you were to take an e-cation (vacation from the trappings of our electronic world,) and assuming that employment obligations would allow it, how long of a break could you take? What would you miss the most, the least? Perhaps a week and I will definitely miss checking on my inbox.

On September 11th of this year, I attended a couple of parties and was somewhat conflicted by the fact that this ignoble anniversary shall pass with it being just another day in the eyes of many (and in some ways my own eyes as well.) Thoughts? Yeah, because people these days easily forget. With the fast-pace of living, we get too caught up with our own personal lives.

How high are your walls? Who was the last person to scale them? What tools should would-be climbers have on their belt? Neck-high. I still surprise people even those who thought they knew me too well already. They would need to have honesty and sincerity on their belts.

The sexiest thing a man or a woman can say to you (or has said to you) is: What could be sexier than sexy?

Pry into more people's lives at SS.

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Photo Hunt #32: Twisted

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Align Center

This week's theme for Photo Hunt is twisted. Gladly, I didn't have to think twice which entry to use for this week as I remember this twisted rattan that I snap a photo of in one of the coffee shops here in Davao City.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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What have I been up to lately? A lot of things. An awful lot that I hardly had any time to be creative enough to do a descent post. A lot of things came up and most of them had to do with domestic concerns. I had to do plenty of errands over the weekend although it was a long weekend with the Special Holiday that was declared yesterday, I wasn't able to enjoy it much except for last Sunday. Did you watch the Mayweather vs. Marquez fight? That was completely a mismatch! I guess Marquez put too much faith on his urine to give him all the strength he needs to defeat Mayweather (hahaha! you saw that on HBO? does he even have any scientific basis for that?)

With the things that are keeping me busy, I have also limited my cyber activities, I guess the lack of post would attest to that. I still do my EC dropping religiously though. I guess apart from other things that eat up my time, the loss of opportunity to earn money is a big reason why I don't feel that enamored to blog. How I wish that it's still that easy to Make profit any time and anywhere! Blogging provided that opportunity to me for quite some time and it helped me a lot. However, these days demand more effort from me and that means I have a lot of building Google backlinks to do and I just wish that it wouldn't take that long though.

In the meantime, feel free to browse through my archives for more enjoyable posts to read.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top Picks

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I suddenly thought about random things earlier tonight while the TV ads are running while watching this soap opera that I have been closely following every night. I have made a post about top three of whatever random things that come across my mind which I admit, was inspired by some bloggers who have shared their top three random things too.

So now, here's some of those random things that I suddenly thought about and I just trimmed them down to top three of each.

Top three things I wish I could afford to buy:
  1. A pair of Jimmy Choo pumps
  2. A Patek Philippe watch (Is that the reason why they say Time is Gold?) *wink wink*
  3. A Sony Bravia TV for my bedroom
Top three Places I wish to go to right now:
  1. Vigan, Ilocos Sur
  2. Palawan
  3. Sagada
Top Three Songs I love these days:
  1. Insomnia
  2. Mad
  3. When I Met You
Top Three Bands:
  1. U2
  2. Aerosmith
  3. Rivermaya (original)
I love this post because it's like me getting to know myself for the first time. It's therapeutic!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

US Open 2009: Serena Williams disqualified

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Everyone's probably heard about it. Serena Williams lost to Kim Clijsters after a line fault. What made the game more controversial is the outburst of Serena who threatened the line judge.

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I Miss Sleeping!

Posted by The Queen Bee at Monday, September 14, 2009 2 comments
It seems that I've been lacking sleep for quite a long time now. I wish I'd have the luxury of being able to sleep as much as I can these days.... Just wishing...zzzzzzzzzzzzz....

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Music Monday: When I Met You

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I'm sharing with you one of my all-time favorites from Apo Hiking Society. They are truly a classic because even generations after them love their songs so much.

Apo Hiking Society will be having a concert again at Sky Dome. I just wish they'll be able to come back to Davao again to do some shows. Here's my entry for Music Monday.

credits to: 19abaddon88

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

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Sunday Stealing #14: One Long Meme (Part One)

Posted by The Queen Bee at Sunday, September 13, 2009 5 comments

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger called Yellow Jacket from Foma. He explains that "I found this clunker on Impetua's blog.". But, it was probably stolen at that blog as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Sunday Stealing: One Long Meme (Part One)

1. The phone rings. Who will it to be? It only has to be my sister Jo Ann or Jenny

2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? fortunately, the attendant is always there to take it back.

3. In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener? it depends who are there.

4. Do you take compliments well? I guess so.

5. Do you play Sudoku? I gave up on my first try.

6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive? I must.

7. Did you ever go to camp as a kid? Yup, once, as a Girl scout.

8. What was your favorite game as a kid? Nintendo, I was happiest kid on earth the day the I earned one hundred lives in Super Mario!

9. If a sexy person was pursuing you, but you knew she was married, would you? no way, there are way lots of singles out there who are equally sexy I guess and besides, I would prefer a he not a she.

10. Could you date someone with different religious beliefs than you? I guess so.

11. Do you like to pursue or be pursued? to be pursued, I guess it's one of those few times that you can play hard to get.

12. Use three words to describe yourself? strong, candid and insane.

13. Do any songs make you cry? yep. but I don't remember which songs make me cry until I get to hear them again.

14. Are you continuing your education? Yes, everyday is a new opportunity to learn new things.

15. Do you know how to shoot a gun? nope.

16. Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth? I can't remember.

17. How often do you read books? only when time permits.

18. Do you think more about the past, present or future? future, I am looking forward to it.

19. What is your favorite children’s book? All story books.

20.What color are your eyes? brown

21. How tall are you? I'm not tall, I'm just average. I hate this question.

22. Where is your dream house located? Here in Davao City

23. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you grabbed? My wallet of course!

24. When was the last time you were at Olive Garden? Where is that?

25. Where was the furthest place you traveled today? to Victoria Plaza to do my grocery.

26. Do you like mustard? Nope, not ever.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Photo Hunt #31: Electric

Posted by The Queen Bee at Saturday, September 12, 2009 8 comments

What would life be had the world not gone electric? It would have been total darkness that we'd surely not find our way to Mcdonald's to feed our hungry stomachs. I took this photo about ten months ago while we were checking out Trinoma. The beautiful city lights has its own way of relieving a long day's stress.

This is my take on this week's electric theme in Photo Hunt.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Christmas is Near!

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It's September and I guess, like most Filipinos, I am excited with the fact that Christmas is so near. As early as now, I look forward to decorating and shopping for new decors to adorn our home. I am actually thinking of what colors to use for this year's yuletide season. Each year, we see different color motifs on Christmas trees, at least that's what I have observed. Could the color yellow be on our Christmas trees this year? I still have to see what the malls would have this Christmas.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch Mayweather vs Marquez Live for Free

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The much-anticipated big fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez is finally going to happen this September 20. And as always, many of us who are eagerly awaiting big fights such as this turn to the internet for free live streams instead of shelling out big bucks for cinema tickets to watch the fight.

One of the most reliable sources has been sopcast which is better than that of's free live stream. During Pacquiao and Dela Hoya's big match, we have enjoyed watching it with only minimal disruptions, thanks to sopcast.

The Mayweather vs Marquez fight is definitely of equal thrill to boxing afficionados, so for those who are eagerly awaiting the match, there are ways where you can watch it with live free stream. I was dropping ECs when I read this post of Kevin of Pinoyteens wherein he teaches us how to watch the Mayweather vs. Marquez boxing match live for free.

To get instructions on how to watch Mayweather vs. Marquez live for free, check out Pinoy Teens.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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Much as I'd love to blog tonight, exhaustion gets the better of me. Plus, the excruciatingly slow internet connection isn't doing any help either. So I'd better call it a night. Thanks to all you faithful visitors for dropping by here, hope you keep on coming back. I'm gonna rest for now and I'll be dropping ECs tomorrow morning. Now signing off!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Taste of Korea

Posted by The Queen Bee at Sunday, September 06, 2009 2 comments

About a couple of weeks ago, I have had the chance to have my first taste of Korea through a luncheon treat given to us by our new Assistant Manager after a dialogue meeting with some of our defaulting clients. We went to a Korean Restaurant called Kimchi Restaurant that's located a few blocks from our office. It's a simple restaurant devoid of the classy and ambient theme of most restaurants that offer foreign cuisine in the city such that of Krua Thai and others.

We were the only group of Filipinos that dined during that time. Thankfully, we were quite a huge entourage and most of us are first time samplers to Korean food. Though I know several friends who have visited the place a few times and some of them liked the food, I still have to find out whether Korean food will suit my taste or not.

They initially served a few appetizers which are considered free adds-on to the main courses that we have ordered. Knowing that Korean foods are hot and spicy, we instructed the waitress to have our food to be moderately spicy. Having been obsessed with Korean novelas for quite a time, I am quite familiar with some Korean dishes such as Kim chi and Kim bap which are almost always present in all the Korean novelas that we see. I know that they're a bit spicy but I never expected Kim chi to be that really spicy. Everything on the table were smokin' hot!

To sum up, I've had a smokin' spicy lunch that day so a couple of hours later, I headed for a chillin' sweet Mocha Chips Avalanche at Coffee Cat. It was quite an unusual day of firsts but the experience was priceless.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cheesy Pick-up Lines

Posted by The Queen Bee at Saturday, September 05, 2009 2 comments
It's one of those days that I feel diligent to open my facebook account and gladly I did because I found something that really made me smile today. Abby tagged me on what probably could be the most Cheesy Pick-up Lines there ever were. Whoever made them up are really, well, cheesy..eww..

  • "Keyboard ka ba? Type kita eh"
  • "Ice ka ba? Crush kita, ok lang?"
  • "Para kang SM, you've got it all"
  • "Para kang plema! Di ka kasi maalis sa dibdib ko!"
  • "May MMDA ba rito? Kasi nagkabanggan puso natin!"
  • "Pwede ba kita maging sidecar? Single kasi ako eh"
  • "Uy, malala na yung sakit ko sa puso, dalawa na lang options ko para gumaling: either ICU or U C me!"
  • "Are you a PS game? Because i hope you're not TEKKEN!"
  • "Alien ka ba? Kasi you're out of this world"
  • "Yosi vendor ka ba? kasi you give me HOPE and MORE!"
  • "Minamalat na naman ang puso ko. Paano kasi, laging sinisigaw ang pangalan mo."
  • "Ikaw ba ang may-ari ng Crayola? ikaw kasi ang nagbibigay ng kulay sa buhay ko"
  • "Uy picture tayo! pare ma develop tayo"
  • "Kung ikaw ay bola at ako ang player, nashu-shoot ba kita? Hinde, para lagi kita mami-miss."
  • "Can i take your picture? Because i want to show Santa exactly what i want for Christmas!"
  • "Chicken Joy ka ba? Gustong-gusto na kasi kitang i-take out eh!"
  • "Lecture mo ba ako? Lab kasi kita."
  • "Centrum ka ba? kasi you make my life complete."
  • "Miss pwede ba kitang maging driver? Para ikaw na magpapatakbo ng buhay ko."
  • "Mahilig ka ba sa asukal? Ang tamis kasi ng ngiti mo."
  • "You are like my underwear.Because I cant last a day without you."
  • "Ibibili kita ng salbabida, kasi malulunod ka sa pagmamahal ko."
  • "Me lisensya ka ba? Because you're driving me crazy eh."
  • "May kilala ka bang gumagawa ng relo? May sira ata relo ko, 'pag kasi ikaw ang kasama ko, huminto ang oras ko."
  • "I'm a bee. Can you be my honey?"
  • "Am I a bad shooter? because i keep on missing you"
  • "Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight? O gusto mong dumaan ako ulit?"
  • "Mabilis ka siguro sa mga puzzle noh? Kasi kakasimula pa lang ng araw ko, pero nabuo mo na agad."
  • "Excuse me, are you a dictionary? Because you give meaning to my life."
  • "Bangin ka ba? kasi nahuhulog ako sayo."
  • "Pustiso ka ba? Kasi, I cant smile without you."
  • "Pagod na pagod ka na noh? Maghapon at magdamag kana kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko eh."
  • "Me butas ba puso mo? kasi na trap na ako sa loob, I cant find my way out!"
  • "Anong height mo? Paano ka kaya nagkasya sa loob ng puso ko?"
  • "Hey did you fart? Because you blew me away!"
  • "Sana V na lang ako, Para I'm always right next to U."
  • "Hindi tayo tao, hindi tayo hayop, BAGAY tayo. BAGAY talaga tayo."
  • "Ako ay isang exam, kaya sagutin mo na ako."
  • "Mag empake ka na. Sama ka sa akin. Punta tayo sa home for the aged. Kasi I wanna grow old with you."
  • "Alarm clock ka ba? kasi ginising mo ang natutulog kong puso."
  • "Alam mo bang parang 711 ang puso ko? Kasi 24 hours bukas para sayo."
  • "Nung mahalin kita, daig ko pa ang traffic sa Edsa. I cant move on."
  • "Nakalunok ka ba ng kwitis? 'Pag ngumiti ka kasi, may spark."
  • "Pag ako gumawa ng planeta, gusto ko ikaw ang axis ko. Para sayo lang iikot ang mundo ko."
  • "You look like someone i know- my next girlfriend."
  • "Ako na ang magbabayad ng tuition fee mo! Basta pag arala mo lang na mahalin ako."
  • "Feeling ko mouse tayong dalawa. You know, we just click."
  • "Excuse me, tatanong ko lang kung didiretsuhin ko bang daan na to, o may shortcut sa puso mo?"
  • "May free time ka ba? Samahan mo naman ako sa psychiatrist. Magdala daw kasi ako ng kinababaliwan ko."
  • "Kung may business ako, lahat ng tao bibentahan ko ng mura, ikaw lang ang hindi. Sayo lang ako magmamahal."
  • "Bukas sisingilin ko na yung bayad mo sa renta. Tagal mo na kasing naninirahan sa puso ko eh."
  • "Miss meron ka bang Eraser? Hindi kasi kita mabura sa isip ko."
  • "Papapulis kita, ninakaw mo kasi puso ko."
  • "I lost my number. Can i have yours?"
  • "I forgot your name. Can i call you mine?"
  • "Aanhin pa ang damo, kung sayo pa lang may TAMA na ako?"
I wouldn't wanna hear any of these cheesy pick-up lines, I guess most girls don't. So if anyone of you guys are suddenly thinking you could use them, think again.

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Photo Hunt #30: Orange

Posted by The Queen Bee at Saturday, September 05, 2009 8 comments

This week's theme for Photo Hunt is Orange. I picked this photo of the beautiful chandelier in one of the nice coffee shops that me and my sisters have been to a couple of times. The violet chandeliers looked even more lovely as the orange lighting coming from the ceiling molding above it complimented its color.

I shall write more about this coffee shop in my future posts. Meanwhile, please feel free to visit Photo Hunt to see more orange entries. Happy Weekend.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coffee Cat

Posted by The Queen Bee at Wednesday, September 02, 2009 3 comments

Patience is a virtue but sadly, Patience is not my virtue. So instead of patiently waiting for another 15 minutes or so for the bazaar at the Davao Trade and Convention to open at 4:00pm last Saturday, I prodded my sister to have merienda at a nearby place. We've always loved Verde Bar when my Tita Malou was still here in the Philippines so my sister wants to eat there while I wanted to try out Coffee Cat since the place is new. I gave in to my sister's demands so we hurriedly walked to Verde Bar located in the row of restos just beside the Convention Center where the bazaar was held. It was closed because the restaurant closes at 2:00 pm and resumes operation late in the afternoon. So, I was happy because I won, we had to try Coffee Cat.

There were a couple of tables that were occupied when we entered the coffee shop. I was quite pleased with neat ensemble of black and white that I totally forgot that I naturally blended in with the furnitures as I was wearing white shirt and had a black bag with me. I so belong to the place. When we placed our orders at the counter, I was quite distracted with the baristas consciously trying to speak in straight english while explaining to us their best-seller. I settled for a Mocha Chip Avalanche since I was in no mood to have hot coffee in a scorching hot afternoon. After we paid the bill, we realized we no longer have enough moolah to do our shopping. hahaha... They're quite expensive compared with the other coffee shops here. But the Mocha Chips Avalanche that I had was very much worth it, the Caramel Mango Avalanche was way too sweet that it can be irritating to the tonsils. We also ordered Napoletana (spaghetti) and a Fudge Brownie. I'd say that I still love Chicco di Cafe's rocky road brownie which is so unforgettable. nom nom nom.. Ask if I'd still come back, yes I will because my equally coffeholic sister will be coming home from Manila and so she'll have to treat us for another round of coffee break.

Wanna be a second rate trying hard coffee cat? You can meow your way to F. Torres St., Davao City. You won't be lost, I assure you. When you begin to smell Durian, you're in the right direction.

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