Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My Tribute to Tita Cory

Posted by The Queen Bee at Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Like all the other Filipinos, I am saddened by the loss of our former President Corazon C. Aquino. She was undoubtedly a gift to the Filipino people. On the contrary, I am happy because I know she will go to heaven and that we will have somebody up there to intercede for us. Being a good citizen that she was when she was still alive, I know that even in heaven she will be looking after our nation.

I was only at the third grade when the Edsa Revolution happened in 1986. I have very vague memories about the historical event then that gave the world a new platform to achieve reform and gain freedom. The only one that stood out which I can remember until now were helicopters dropping yellow confetti from the skies. I asked my dad why there were yellow confetti and he told me that the nation was rejoicing because we have finally regained democracy.

The very profound impact that People Power and President Cory had on me is that I grew up proud to be a Filipino. My generation were the ones who reaped the fruit of People Power. It happened at the time when I was only starting to build an identity based on my understanding of things and everything that happens around me. In school, our teachers always taught us how the world looked up to the Filipinos for being able to overthrow the dictator and re-claimed the democracy through a bloodless revolt called "People Power". This could not have been possible had not one brave Filipina widow responded to the call. Since then, the People Power of the Philippines became an inspiration to all nations across the world that freedom can be achieved without blood, remember the Berlin Wall and the USSR. It all happened while I was growing up. For this, I thank God for giving us the gift of Tita Cory.

The least I can do as a tribute to the greatest Philippine President , Pres. Corazon Aquino is to uphold the Filipino spirit and pride by keeping the values by which she lived alive in me. Honestly, I am hurt whenever I hear a fellow countryman who belittle the Filipinos. I often hear phrases like "Alam mo naman ang mga Pilipino, mahilig gumaya" or "ang mga Pilipino kaya di umaasenso kasi wala nang alam kundi sumunod sa uso". These words cause me to spontaneously refute those statements. Excuse me, but I don't believe in those crap. People who say those things are the ones who manifest colonial influence because they see their fellow Filipinos as Indios. Instead of looking at the negatives, why don't we just try to look at the example of the ordinary housewife who made extraordinary wonders for this country. It is an inspiration to all of us that ordinary individuals like us can achieve so much if we respond to the challenge. Let us take on the example of one great Filipina, by keeping our values of integrity, and faith in God intact.

I will always and forever be proud to be a Filipino.


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