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Music Monday #12: Lex Yeux Ouverts

Posted by The Queen Bee at Sunday, August 09, 2009
Meg Ryan is one of my favorite actresses. When I was still a student and had more time to watch movies, I have never missed a single Meg Ryan movie. I find her funny and endearing since most of her movies were romantic comedies. My favorite Meg Ryan movie is French Kiss where she teamed up with Kevin Kline. I've probably watched it ten times and each time, it never failed to bring a tear to my eyes, I can be cheesy too. It was one hilarious yet very romantic, we all know Paris to be a city of romance. Up to this time, whenever I remember that movie, it still brings out that giddy feeling, that feeling you feel when you are in love. There's so much "kilig" factor in that movie.

The movie soundtrack is also my all-time favorite, I would definitely recommend it to those who loves romantic love songs. One of my favorite tracks in the movie is the french version of "Dream a Little Dream of Me" which in French is Lex Yeux Ouverts. I luckily found a video on you tube.

The version of Lex Yeux Ouverts above is that of Sylvie Vartan. Pardon me but I can't speak french though I know a few french words. However, if you attempt to sing along with the song, you'd somehow be able to pull it through, believe me! So here's the lyrics I got from

Les Yeux Ouverts (Dream a Little Dream of me) Lyrics:
Ce souvenir, je te l'rends
Des souvenirs tu sais, j'en ai tellement
Puisqu'on repart toujours a zéro
Pas la peine de s'charger trop
Ce souvenir je te l'prends
Des souvenirs comme ça, j'en veux tout l'temps
Je l'sortirai d'mon tiroir
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J'rêve les yeux ouverts, ça m'fait du bien
Ça n'va pas plus loin
J'veux pas voir derrièrre puisque j'en viens
Vivement demain
Un dernier verre de sherry
De chèri mon amour, comme je m'ennuie
Tous les jours se ressemblen à présent
Tu me manques terriblement

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