Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pretty Laptop Bags

Posted by The Queen Bee at Thursday, July 16, 2009
Way before I became a laptop owner, I have already planned to purchase a stylish laptop bag together with it so that I won't be mistaken for a sales rep or a med rep with those usual black laptop bag that most people use, just imagine it and I know you'll figure it out what I mean. Yep, the free bag that usually goes with the laptop you purchase.

My idea of a laptop bag is one that won't make people notice that I am actually bringing one with me because it looks like the normal bags that we use. In other words, STYLE is a requisite. Thanks to the geniuses who shares the same sentiments with me because now, we have a lot more choices when it comes to laptop bags and gone are the days where we carry around the "generic" laptop bag. Meaning, a laptop bag can be a tote bag, a courier bag or a slim bag, doesn't that make you feel divine? *Woohoo* Whenever I have time to go to my favorite mall, I make an effort to check out the Bags section to see if they have new styles for laptop bags. However, the ones that they sell there are way too expensive for me as they carry brands like Paul Smith. Alas, why not take my search online? You see, the internet has always been a good armament for the uneducated which I have failed to employ in the past as I don't want to be too dependent on it for information (lame excuse I know). Okay, so I don't use the internet for research until I learned how to blog but even up to now, I admit there are only a few sites that I go to for information except on the occasional blogs that I stumbled up when I do blog-hops.

Before I get off tangent again, here are my latest finds on fab and pretty laptop bags from acmemade (made me ask whether they were made from acme which again reminds me of Looney Tunes-the Tom and Jerry rivalry). And they also have nice laptop sleeves which I just found out that's how they are called because I used to refer to it as a laptop case like a cellphone case or something like that. Here are the pics, I have been drooling over these.

I hurriedly check their resellers' tab to see if these are sold in stores in the Philippines but I was sad that there's none and I don't see any. :(


Nilz on July 17, 2009 at 1:27 AM said...

A cool pick - and I hope you will find something similar in Philippines.

Cielo on July 18, 2009 at 12:13 PM said...

great find sis, i hope that it will be available here in the Philippines....


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