Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gorgeous, chic and fab...Need I say more?

Posted by The Queen Bee at Sunday, July 05, 2009
I am so daydreaming again. And why not? I was ( and am not yet done) drooling over beautiful headpieces from Jennifer Behr and Evita Peroni. There was some point in my life when I was so obsessed with hair accessories that when I went to Manila, I bought several pieces but never got to use most of them so I ended up giving them away. Headbands though were my least favorite because for one, I can't last wearing one because I end up getting a headache. Imagine having a pair of tongs tightly clasped on your head, how do you think that would feel? A major migraine attack, simply. That was before I met these beautiful pieces of art.

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Looks familiar, yes some of these headpieces were spotted on celebrities like Paris Hilton, Natalie Portman and Nicole Ritchie. Locally, we first heard about it when showbiz media were making a big fuss over Ann Curtis' headpiece worth Php35,000.00 *pffft...*which she wore on her birthday. Kris Aquino also flaunted her piece at last week's episode of The Buzz but bought hers at a discounted price. Whoa! even if it's sold at 90% off the regular price, I won't be able to afford that. If ever I do, I will always be wearing it with my hands on my head every now and then for fear that somebody might snatch it.

Clearly, this would just be another daydreaming episode for me. Well, not exactly. Knowing us Filipinos, we are very ingenious and so in a not so distant future from now, these expensive pieces will have a substitute at a much much lower price. I can't even imagine myself splurging on one Evita Peroni hair accessory because I think that would be so sinful of me. But they are just so lovely that I promise, when I am richer (*daydreaming again*) I'd buy myself a few pieces.

Time to go to la la land where I can go on dreaaaaming...



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