Thursday, June 11, 2009

Davao Notes and Snapshots is Revived and Refurbished

Posted by The Queen Bee at Thursday, June 11, 2009
I am talking about my other blog, Davao Notes and Snapshots which hasn't been getting much love from me since its inception into the blogging world. Well, finally after 48 years of hiatus and loss of inspiration, I took time to sit down and work on it. For a start, I have jazzed it up with a new look and feel.

I am a proud daughter of Davao and so naturally, I boast of everything that Davao is. What better way to let the world know how lovely this part of the world is but by blogging about it, right? That's precisely the reason why Davao Notes and Snapshots is here to stay, I'm definitely back and blogging about Davao again.

How do you find its new look? Comments anyone?



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