Saturday, March 28, 2009

Craving Mouth-watering Halo-Halo

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It's officially summer and the season is making its presence felt with the scorching heat that we've been experiencing over the past weeks. I like the idea that it's summer because everyone almost instantly think about fun, picnics and vacation by the mere mention of the word. In fact, I have been wanting it to come because second to Christmas holidays, summer is my favorite season. But the biggest irony of it is the fact that I don't like the summer heat, I am not fond of the beach, I don't like basking under the sun and getting sun burns and heat strokes. But I love summer, I know it's weird. It's unexplainable, it must be the hype and the excitement that summer brings.

The sun is up and I am all too sweaty, uneasy and wanting to just dive into a big box of ice cubes right now. If you are from a tropical country like the Philippines, you know my dilemma. Taking another bath will only render temporary relief and I have thought of another ridiculous idea but this might work, what about putting a pair of cold, damp towels under my armpits. Silly?! It's really hot here, so hot that it's beginning to toast every bit of my brain cells.

Halo-halo! the thought just makes my salivary glands work double-time. I'd like to have one so off I go. Ciao!

Join Earth Hour 2009

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The effects of Global Warming is becoming strongly evident as we experience insanely unexpected weather changes. It's ridiculous to experience sudden heavy downpour on a scorching hot summer day. We have witnessed several catastrophic events over the recent years and we dread to see more. This can only be prevented if we act on it NOW!

Tonight, at exactly 8:30PM, join us in this crusade to help save our only planet by switching off your lights for one hour. This gesture is so small but if we do this together, the impact is so great. So wherever, you may be dear earthling, this is your chance to do your share. Love Mother Earth, help us spread the word. Visit to learn more about it and how to make your vote count.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Hunt #11: Hands

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This is the hand that blogs in this space. The photo is a bit old as I took this snapshot of my about a year ago after getting a neat french manicure. The quality of the shot is not that good because I used my phone camera which only has a 1.3 megapixel. Nonetheless, it rendered useful for this week's theme of Photo Hunt. Thanks to my old reliable Motorola V3i for it saved the day for me.

To see hundreds of other beautiful, hardworking hands, please visit Photo Hunt.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Enjoy your Vacation: Plan it Ahead

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I had a chance to talk to one of my close friends the other day when she treated me for coffee near my office. I learned that she is on a scheduled vacation leave for three weeks. The day before that, she asked me if I would want to go to Singapore for a vacation. Sadly, I am on a tight budget these days so traveling and other unnecessary expenses are pretty much out of priority. Since she's been bumming around for almost two weeks now, she's decided to go out of town but could not decide where to go and what activities to do because there's no one she could tag along with her.

My friend could have avoided her ordeal right now if only she had planned things out ahead of her scheduled vacation leave. Doing such could have saved her much money, time and most of all, saved her from too much stress and enjoy her vacation instead. This is what me and my friends in the office have been doing for quite a long time now. For Instance, we were able to enjoy a great vacation in Bohol and Cebu for five days with a total budget of P6,500.00!

How we did that is so simple. Here's a few simple things to do when planning your dream vacation.

Watch out for Promo Fares - Traveling has now been made affordable for every ordinary pinoy as Airline companies give out Promo fares every now and then which allows us to save a great deal of money for airfares. Airline companies such as Cebu Pacific announces promo fares wherein they sell zero-seat fare or charges zero fuel surcharge. This is how we were able to get our round trip ticket for Davao to Cebu and back for only P1,800.00. But because the selling period runs for a short time and there is a limited number of seats, better move fast and decide fast. Or better yet, you can subscribe for a Low Fare alert wherein they send you text messages on the latest promo fares. This way, you can also schedule your vacation way ahead to give you enough time to plan on the details and prepare a budget for any activities that you might want to do then.

Check out hotel accommodations and tour packages in your chosen destination - It will save you a considerable amount if you transact directly with hotels for accommodations and tour packages instead of tapping travel and tour agencies because it cuts off the money that goes to middlemen. In our case, we coordinated with the hotel owner herself for our accommodations, shuttle and tours. We were able to negotiate it for a package of P2,800.00 including our hotel accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights, shuttle and tour visits to Bohol's tourist spots including a dolphin-watching trip. It was really a great deal on our part. In our stay in Cebu, we contacted a service van for our entire stay there few weeks before our stay.

Prepare an Itinerary - Preparing a daily schedule on your vacation and list of places and activities allow you to better manage your time and resources. I was so happy to know that we were able to go to places in Bohol such as the Sagbayan Peak and were able to go dolphin-watching unlike other friends who went on vacation to Bohol for the same number of days like us but were not able to visit those places because they ran out of time or didn't know how to go there. We were able to do that because we prepared an itinerary for our daily tour. It really helps a lot. We were able to maximize our money's worth, I must say.

Prepare a Budget and gadgets/stuffs that you may need - Aside from the airfare, bookings and accommodations, you will also need to set aside an amount for your meals, souveneirs and other purchases. Don't forget a handy camera to document your trip and take snapshots of the places you go to. Looking at those photographs bring back happy memories years after.

File your Vacation Leave ahead of time - Of course, your absence in the office must be legal so it's always the right thing to file for a vacation leave ahead of time. This will also give you enough time to finish reports and other important things before taking time off.

So glad, I finally finished this post after several interruptions. As for my friend, well she has no choice but to travel alone. On a positive note, she can always think of it as a good time for reflection.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Photo Hunt #10: Yellow

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When I think about yellow, I am reminded of my sister Jo Anne. She loves this color very much such that she gets happy whenever she sees anything of this color. For this week's Photo Hunt, the theme is yellow so upon digging my files for something yellow, I decided this one is it, a lovely ensemble of yellow roses, baby's breath and anahaw leaf, which by the way, is the Philippine's national leaf.

Check out more Photo Hunters here. Happy Weekend.

Honest Scrap Award

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I got another award from one of my good blogger-friends, Tes. I've been tagged to do this a week ago but can't find the time to do so, not until now. Thanks for the tag because it's been quite some time since I got one.

Honest Scrap Award Rules:

In sum, choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design to pass on this tag/award. Then list at least ten honest things about yourself.

1. I have a short span of attention. I engage in one hobby for a time and gets bored with it soon.

2. I don't trust people easily.

3. I wish I could travel more often than I can afford to.

4. I want to learn to speak other languages preferably french and chinese.

5. I have problems letting go. In fact, I even keep bottles of empty lotions or other unnecessary stuffs for reasons I don't know except that I just don't want to throw them away.

6. I love dancing.

7. I want to learn about photography.

8. I have always wished that I were taller.

9. I can't last a day without drinking coffee.

10. I am talkative when I am hungry.

And so now I am passing this award to Grace, Boyet, Mel, Victoria, Sharquee, Schizoshrink, and Abby.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

PhotoHunt #9: Four

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Four Bottles of cold San Mig Light Beer is enough to make some head spin. This beer is a constant fixture be it in parties or a typical night out in discos and bars here in the Philippines. This is my entry for this week's Photo Hunt theme of Four. To see more photo hunters, visit this link.


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