Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photo Hunt #4: Furry

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This is the famous tarsier of Bohol. The picture was taken during our vacation in Bohol more than a year ago when we visited their sanctuary at Loboc. Tarsiers are nocturnal creatures which means they sleep during the day and comes alive at night. These creatures have very big eyes, although in this shot, I caught him with his eyes closed and appears to be begging for food. We saw them being fed with crickets and other insects. It is also prohibited to take pictures with flashes on because the tarsier's eyes are so sensitive. This is my entry to this week's PhotoHunt.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Shots with my Sony Cybershot

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Bored and a digicam on hand, I snapped at whatever things my eyes could get hold of. In this case, the ferrero rocher chocolates which is among my favorites and the angpao that my mom gave us on New Year's Day. It is believed that elders should give angpao to young people on New Year's Day as it brings good luck. Hmm.. I remember that my mom gave me angpao last year and I had a really abundant year last 2008. Well, I hope that I'll be luckier this year knowing that the economic meltdown has manifested itself with the massive lay-offs that we've been seeing in the news just recently.

Oh well, if there's one characteristic of filipinos that I am particularly proud of, it would be our resilience. We are known to be flexible fellas who are able to bend instead of break during tough times. I am optimistic that as always, we will be able to withstand the trials ahead of us.

In relation to that, the prospect of earning much more with blogging seems to look bleak these days actually. With my other blog being axed by one of the more lucrative sponsored reviews site and the other losing its page rank, things aren't really as exciting and inspiring as it used to be. But just like any other businesses offline, blogging and earning online has its ups and downs too. Well, I just hope that this is only temporary because blogging income definitely helps a lot with all the bills and stuffs.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Fear Factor

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For a couple of nights this week, I was able to take a glimpse of Pinoy Fear Factor's episode where the participantes were challenged to face one of the most common fears that people around the world share, the fear of snakes, rats and frogs. I tried to watch the show with my full attention however, the sights are just so disturbing that I don't have the heart to stare at the monitor for as long as I could. I was already horrified by just taking a look at those reptiles swarming at their bodies. Ewww, it gave me goosebumps. It made me think, it's really hard to earn money these days. hehehe..

Seriously, the exploits that they did on the show were phobias that are common among many people and of things or situations that we ourselves can choose to avoid and it doesn't make that strong impact on our daily lives. But there are fears within each individual that could be debilitating that it affects our relationships and our lives as a whole. These fears surface when a person face situations that demand decision-making.

I know of a couple where the guy is so torpe and has this fear of being teased by his family and friends if ever they will learn that he has a girlfriend. He had a relationship in the past prior to his present one but it didn't work out. Now, his present relationship is faltering because of the same problem but still he doesn't have the courage to face his fear. It's so sad that people sometimes let their fears dictate the course of their lives and force them to live miserable lives and cause a strain on their relationships. When I asked this friend what causes his fear, he doesn't know the answer but could only say that he feels uneasy, tensed and sweaty whenever he is confronted with such situation that he fears the most. Oh well, I can't understand it. How these fears come about is really a mystery. The psychology behind every fear. is what intrigues me. It ain't easy to face one's fear, I know all of you will agree. But we cannot let it rule our lives either because in the end, it will only leave us with one thing for sure, regrets.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hayskul Sarbey

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I got this tag from Abby and Tes.

Message: THINK BACK TO 4th year HS...
Let's see how much you remember and how much you regret..

What section were you?= Our Lady of Fatima
Who was your adviser?= Mrs. Delena
How many were you in one class?= 40?
Who was/were your seat mates?= Sheila and Genevieve
Still remember your english teacher?= Ms. Rose Francisco
What was your first class?= Home Economics
Who was your best friend?= Steffi
Who did you like?= Jordan Knight of the New Kids on the Block
Made friends to the lower years?= Yupyup!
Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?= never
How was your class schedule?=ok lang..
Made any enemies?= nope.
Who was your favorite teacher?= our english teacher
What sports did you play?= None. Wait.. do you consider takyan as a sport? hahaha...
Did you buy your lunch?= only the viand. I bring rice for lunch.
Were you a party animal?= Never.
Were you well known in your school?= Hmm…I'm not sure.
Did you get suspended/expelled?= nope!
Can you sing the alma mater?= Yeah!
What was your favorite subject?= English.
What was your school's full name?= Our Lady of Fatima Academy
Did you go to the dances?= Of course..
If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?= Yeah, surely.
What do you remember most about 4th year?= It was fun. We got booted out of the retreat house by the nuns for being so noisy. hehehee...
Favorite memory in 4th year?= Going to Ilustre with my best friend to rent books and mags at readers' haven.
Worst memory in 4th year?= My best friend got into a catfight with our classmate and was summoned to the principal's office.
Where did you go most often for break?= canteen.
What did you do on the last day of school?= played word factory then went to ATU plaza in Ilustre.
How was your graduation?= Nothing special but I was so happy and excited to get to college..
Got any honors or special awards?= None.
Did you like 4th year?= Very much. Made a lot of friends then.
What year did you graduate?= 1993
Who posted this before you did?= si Abby and Tes..thanks for the tag both of you.. mwaah!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Photo Op at Mana Davao

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One of the many exciting things we did during the Christmas break was to visit and have our pictures taken at Mana Davao. Every year during Christmas, this antique store located in Lanang, Davao City is always an attraction. Passersby and travelling folks often stop by this place to have their pictures taken with Mana's spectacular christmas lights and decorations. Most people like my sisters and I would definitely include a trip to Mana during our Christmas itinerary. We would never miss a chance to take a glimpse of the spectacle and have it captured in pictures. Here are some of the pics we took.


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