Saturday, November 15, 2008


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I am not satisfied with my blog's look and feel again. So, you're guessing it right. I am again thinking of changing it. I'm just gonna leave it as it is temporarily while I hunt for something that will suit me. I'm having problems with blogger right now as I cannot add a new gadget nor rearrange my widgets. I can't change the background's color too because the font and color tool won't appear. I'm having a nosebleed right now because the more I get obsessed with this. Hay naku, better take some rest.

A Day in General Santos City

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Yesterday was one helluva tiring day for me and my friends in the office who are going to the CEO cup this coming November 28.
Although, it was not our fondest desire to go to GenSan yesterday just to do some practice for the said sporting event, we were left with no choice as we are lesser mortals. So we just thought of it as an adventure and a chance to do some picture taking while on our way to General Santos. It was raining heavily yesterday because typhoon Tonio was strolling around this side of the Philippines. So expectedly, it was foggy up in the mountains. We stopped by Cliffhanger, an inn and a restaurant located in Malungon to buy some biscuits and a bottle of water. Of course, not without some picture-taking of the breathtaking view of the vast verdant foliage below. I have always wanted to see the view here during our first trip to GenSan but I just didn't have the chance

We arrived in GenSan at 1:30 and proceeded to look for some place to eat. Not knowing where to go next, we decided to check the court where we will be playing and it turned out everybody was already there. We ended up training and playing with full stomachs at 2:30pm. I thought I'm gonna throw up everything I took in for lunch. It was awful. We were on our way home to Davao then at 5:30pm and had dinner at Chicken Ati-atihan in Digos City at 8:00pm. We arrived in Davao City at 9:45pm.

By the way, we had to pay for all our expenses. the meals and the water we needed during the practice. Our meal allowance for that trip was slashed. Melot, you're so lucky it's your birthday!

Changed my Template Again!

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I just happened to spend nearly the whole day changing templates until I finally settled with this one because I got tired already. Just when I was about to save all the changes, I figured that my blogroll was deleted. Goodness, I was so careless that I was able to save a back-up of everything except that one. Don't freak out yet! I have listed them in my notes so I will be adding them later here.

For now, I am still learning how to configure my header image.. hahaay..I should have just slept the entire day. My eyes are swollen out of staring at the computer the whole day. The worst part of it is having achieved only little because I spent the whole time fixing things. grrrhh...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bouncing Back

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I was planning to do some nice posts here and in my food blog after being missing in action for a couple of days. But see, unfocused me once again got enticed to change my layout but for some reason that I haven't figured up to now, I can't seem to save my new three-column templates after several attempts. I haven't encounter this problem before. What drove me to change my mind again about this template? Well, as you may have noticed, the date is not visible, that's all! That's what's eating my OC self for a few nights now. grrrhh...

So much for that, I missed blogging and I have found a renewed passion for it (as of press time)... hehehe.. I hate making conclusive statements, knowing me.. My attention span is as volatile as my..hmmm.. not my temper really but my moods (I don't have MD ha! like the one that me and my friends in the office know, hala!). Judging from the way this post is going, you can very well say that I am exceptionally bubbly tonight, you guess it right! I have a renewed love for chatter too after being so silent for a long time.

And by the way, did you know that just last night, I was so depressed that everything seemed so gloomy no matter how I try to put some sense into everything. Now in a snap, I'm bubbly again. It really made me think of something. I got tired of sulking so I just decided to change my mindset. It felt better..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photo Hunt #2: Together

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People come and go. This is true in our case, the photo taken during our division's christmas party last year. It was a fun-filled night where there were lots of fun games, singing and dancing and delicious food to devour.

Several people in this picture are no longer here with us because some have chosen to go to the other side of the world where the pastures are greener. We surely miss them for they have become a part of our lives. Nonetheless, we are happy that they took the bold step to make their lives better. I am looking forward to see my good old friends again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Seeing things with Clearer Vision

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Every payday is a rant day for me because it always reminds me that these are the hard times. It seems as if every time I do my grocery shopping which I normally do every other two weeks, there is an increase in prices of commodities. Now, who wouldn't see any reason to complain when one's capacity for spending remains constant when his expenditures on the other hand is steadily increasing? Thank goodness that oil prices dropped the past weeks which allowed a fifty centavo decrease in jeepney fare. I wonder when they'll take back the additional ten pesos add on rate for taxi fares because I really find that too unfair for passengers. Ten pesos is already a big amount.

Since there's not much we can do about changing our economic situation since we are affected by the global economy as a whole, all we can do is exercise some frugal measures by which we can cut back on our spending. This can be as simple as walking to work instead of commuting or recycling items which can still be used. Personally, I have been planning to cut back on the expenses I allot for disposable contact lenses and thought about wearing eyeglasses instead. I figured that I will be able to save much out of that. I realized that there are actually very affordable eyeglasses that costs as low as $8 like the ones I discovered at Zennioptical. If only we are much more conscious about our spending habits, our money can really go a long way.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo Hunt: Blue

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Heaven must have heard my silent prayer hoping that the waters will be calm and I will be spared from turbulent tides as we go dolphin watching in Bohol exactly about a year ago. Unknown to many, I fear crossing vast bodies of water because I feel helpless when everything that my eyes can only catch sight of is the horizon that separates the water and the sky. For the record, my trip to Bohol was by far, the longest boat ride I have ever had in my entire existence on this planet. It was something that I consider as a feat considering that I endured a two-hour boat ride with a litany of all the saints and angels to help me get through the whole ride. This was taken on our way to Balicasag Island where we had lunch and spent time enjoying the bounty of the seas at the marine sanctuary. The experience was worth it. By the way, this is my first entry to .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hang On

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Been busy enough to update.


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