Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Valuable Gift from my Dentists

Posted by The Queen Bee at Saturday, October 04, 2008
For several years, I have been wearing braces and so every saturday is a date with my dentists since there were two of them. The other one is my orthodontist who makes sure that my teeth were making progress and the other one is where I go to for oral prophylaxis and dental filling. My dentists have a good number of patients that it would take me several hours waiting for my turn to take the dental chair even if I am scheduled for an appointment. This has always been the scenario everytime I go to the clinic.

This observation made me realize the burden of
professional liability on their shoulders or on any of those professional practitioners for that matter. Medical and dental practitioners, more particularly, have greater responsibilities because they hold a patient's life in their hands. Since these people are not God, they are prone to commiting mistakes and these mistakes can be very costly because it puts their reputation and the patient's welfare at stake.
To prepare for situations like that, getting a professional liability insurance would seem to be the
best option. There are several professional groups that are sensitive enough to provide protection if ever one is charged with malpractice. A good example of these professional groups is a Dental Society Risk Retention Group called Eastern Dental Insurance Company. It is a company which is put up by dentists themselves that likewise caters to the insurance needs of dentists only. As such, EDIC knows very well the needs that a malpracticing dentist may have and thus the insurance that they provide are designed to address these needs. Who knows a dentist's needs anyway but a dentist himself.

Going back to my dentists, I have so much to thank them for because I have finally overcome my fear of going to the dentist for a huge majority of my life. But that one decision to have braces was my first step to overcoming that fear.



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