Friday, October 3, 2008

The Price of Beauty

Posted by The Queen Bee at Friday, October 03, 2008
Even with today's economy, it's pretty amazing how people would still spend a grand amount for pampering. As of this writing, I am in a salon making good use of my time while waiting for my mom's pedicure to be done.

A while ago, I was bored until I saw a woman whose having a semi-rebonding treatment done on her hair. I can't help but be envious of her newly restored shiny and beautiful black hair which used to be dull and lifeless a couple of hours back. As if trying to consider having the same thing done to my hair, I stood up to take a peek at their price list. In almost an instant, I came to my senses when I saw the figures. My Gosh! there's no way I am going to spend that much for a little dab of hair wax. But honestly, it was so tempting that I am trying so hard not to give in. Thankfully, I was able to heave a good sigh of relief because my mom's finally done. So 'til here for now.



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