Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Love Durian - but not this one!

Posted by The Queen Bee at Thursday, October 02, 2008
My sister went home last September and without prior notice, her flight was delayed for about an hour. So while waiting for the plane to arrive, my parents and I decided to go for a stroll around the airp0rt and take some photos.

One of the more prominent edifice in the premises of Davao International Airport is this huge surreal piece of art depicting a huge durian fruit with heads of people popping out. I have always borne the mark of a true taga-davao because I am a hard-core durian addict. But I would surely pass on this one, I find this one creepy. No offense meant for this artwork and its creator but people who know me knows that I have a peeve for anything that comes in swarms. Eww... like the heads of these people. They know it reminds me of...well, they know it. hehehe.



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