Friday, September 19, 2008

Some Scenes at the Airport

Posted by The Queen Bee at Friday, September 19, 2008
We were thirty minutes ahead of time for my sister Jenny's scheduled arrival at the Airport. She supposed to arrive at 1:45pm and so we were there as early as 1:15pm. It was so hot outside so we decided to stay in the car. Different scenes can be seen in the airport. There were passengers in a hurry trying to catch their flight, people exchanging sad goodbyes or people who are so happy to see a loved one whom they have not seen for quite a long time. However, one scene caught my attention. It is that of a young father with a baby sling attached to his one year old boy. Having a baby sling is such a great idea.

This was a new and refreshing sight as I am only used to see mothers with Baby Slings to carry their babies. And the ones that I saw are of the same type. When I saw that young dad, I was amused to see his baby sling as it was like that of a kangaroo's pouch. Speaking of Kangaroo, I am reminded of my sister again since I promised to treat her to Kangaroo, it's a coffee shop which she hasn't checked yet. It's past 2:20pm and the plane has not arrived yet, the flight must have been delayed because it's been raining hard in Manila for a couple of days now. At 2:45pm, the plane has finally landed and after a few minutes, I saw my cute sister Jenny whom I missed so much.



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