Monday, September 22, 2008

Bought New Gym Clothes

Posted by The Queen Bee at Monday, September 22, 2008
I got home a little late than usual because I decided to drop by the mall after work. Instead of buying what I had originally intended to buy, I ended up shopping for new gym clothes. It's high time to go back to the gym because like I said, I am no longer my slender self. I managed to uphold a bigger version of myself during the past 4 months or so that I took a hiatus from working out. And frankly, it doesn't feel a bit good. My clothes hardly fit and my feet feels like it could no longer carry my weight. I suspect that if it could only talk, it will be slashing me with endless bickerings on how heavy I am. Well, well, well... I only hope I'll get back into shape before Christmas so that I will be lean enough to have more room for food. bwahahaha... just kidding!



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