Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Firsts: Trip to GenSan and MBS2

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I have been blogging for a few months now and I have decided to take it to another level by meeting other bloggers. I finally have a chance to do this through the second Mindanao Bloggers Summit which will be hosted by General Santos City.

If ever I will be lucky enough to get a slot, it will be a reason to rejoice since that would be my first time to go to Gensan. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. If you are a blogger living in any part in Mindanao, you may have the same chance by simply checking http://www.gensantos.com/ and by submitting your registration here. This event is made possible by the following sponsors.

ACLC-Skeptron Ventures, Inc.

Asia United Bank
Family Country Hotel & Convention Center
East Asia Royale Hotel

Digital Filipino
Pacific Seas Seafood Market
Shalom-Crest Wizard Academy
Generals Logimark Exponent
Prints and You
Sta. Cruz Seafood, Inc.
Dellosa Design Builders, Inc.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Which Calls to Take

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Almost everyone in our generation today have cell phones. However, there are those who are irresponsible enough with its use that they like harrassing other people with prank text messages or calls. This can be infuriating especially for those who lead a busy life. So the best solution to this problem would be Reverse Cell Phone Lookups. In a while, one will be able to track cell phone numbers. This way, one will also be able to determine which calls to take.

New Blogger's Guide

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I dove into blogging with blind eyes. That meant that I really had no idea back then how to do it. All my friends told me was to log on to free hosting sites where I can make my own blog for free. And so I dared to make one armed with only my common sense to help me get through it.
Somehow, I managed to make a blog.

As time went on, I was able to add few knowledge until I got the chance to see this one great site that helped me a lot in many ways. The site is intended to help new bloggers and in every way, this blog has helped many bloggers. I thank the authors of this site for they're a blessing. Thanks!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dream Car: BMW

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The BMW is probably one of many people's dream car. In our place, there are only a few BMW cars thus everytime people see one pass by, it never fails to get an admiring look. But because it is an imported car, BMW Parts are not available here This explains why the easiest way to order for it is through online shops that sell BMW parts like myhotbmw.com

Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Time of the Day: Bedtime

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Another day is about to end and so my favorite time of the day has finally arrived. It's time for a sweet and peaceful sleep. I deserve one right now after a hard day at work today and after losing several hours of sleep to a rowdy gang of teenagers last night who were having a drinking spree at a small cafeteria right across our house.

My bed is ready and my oh-so-fluffy pillows are waiting for me. Just needed to make this quick post though as I am missing the chatterbox in me for a couple of days now. Hope you too will have a great relaxing sleep that's free from distraction. Don't let the bed bugs bite! Nytnyt!zzzzzz....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dating and Religion

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For some people, religion is a major thing to consider when dating and eventually in choosing a lifetime partner. I know several catholic people who also want to date and marry somebody who is also a catholic. However, for those who engage in online dating, knowing whether the other person has the same religion cannot be easily identified. Hence, catholicmates.com has opened their website to address this issue. Their site is specifically intended for catholic Dating .

Game 2 for Ateneo vs. La Salle

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Tomorrow is going to be another big day for UAAP fans as Ateneo Blue Eagles and the De La Salle Green Archers slug it out in Game 2 for the UAAP Men's Basketball Championship. Everyone is excited to watch the most colorful and longest-standing rivalry in Philippine collegiate history. As what has been the case in the several times that these two schools' duel in the past UAAP seasons, celebrated personalities from both politics and show business are expected to be seen in the games.

Naturally, I root for the Blue Eagles for obvious reasons. Ateneo emerged triumphant in Game 1 and hopes to clinch another win tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's a weekday which means I won't be able to fully concentrate on the game because there is work. Hahay, I just hope the Eagles will spread their wings wider.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fire Ant Bites

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I just got bitten by ants a few weeks ago and I began to worry when the blisters won't go after a few days. So I searched the internet about the harm that ants might cause to one's health. I found this site about fire ants and got a good amount of useful information. I learned that fire ant bites can be life threatening in some cases therefore as much as possible it is always best to prevent one's self from being bitten in the first place.


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I am not a breakfast person. That means I only have coffee or a piece of toasted bread in the morning then I am good to go. This is because I got used to always being in a hurry to catch up with the bundy clock. hehehe...

Whenever mom cooks delicious breakfast though, I would gladly indulge as it is not in my character to snob food. This one looks yummy so I better park here and go grab this one. Have a good day!

Online Dating Sites

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An online dating site can be a good avenue for those who are looking for some spice in their lovelife. The good thing about online dating sites is that it gives the user to pick the man or woman of her preference such as men who like Black Babes than Latina beauties. This men only needs to check sites that is solely a place for Blacks to meet and chat like blackscene.com. Hence, it gives people the free hand in choosing which ones to date and not only rely on the overrated word called destiny.

Bought New Gym Clothes

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I got home a little late than usual because I decided to drop by the mall after work. Instead of buying what I had originally intended to buy, I ended up shopping for new gym clothes. It's high time to go back to the gym because like I said, I am no longer my slender self. I managed to uphold a bigger version of myself during the past 4 months or so that I took a hiatus from working out. And frankly, it doesn't feel a bit good. My clothes hardly fit and my feet feels like it could no longer carry my weight. I suspect that if it could only talk, it will be slashing me with endless bickerings on how heavy I am. Well, well, well... I only hope I'll get back into shape before Christmas so that I will be lean enough to have more room for food. bwahahaha... just kidding!

Only for the Shopaholics

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Whether shopping online or offlline, one would always opt for a one-stop shopping destination where he or she can find different stores. This is because jumping from one place to another can be time-consuming and tiresome especially when shopping for a gift to give to a loved one.

For shoppers, finding the best deals and the best buys bring ultimate satisfaction as it means getting their money's worth. This is precisely the reason why
Shopwiki.co.uk has far more stores than the usual online shopping sites.

Speaking of shopping, this can be a great time to start making your list because Christmas is already near.

I Love Siomai

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This is one of my all-time favorite food, Pork Siomai. This is my only favorite dimsum food and it can be super delicious when dipped in hot chili sauce mixed with kalamansi and soysauce. Mmmm...yummy!

Siomai is a chinese dimsum recipe. Variations include pork, beef, shrimp to name a few, mixed with minced carrots and spices and then wrapped in a molo wrapper before it is cooked in steam.

The best pork siomai that I would recommend is that of Mandarin. It's the best siomai that I have tasted. This can be eaten with rice or you can munch it as it is.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Friend Gen

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It took me several minutes and a closer look to finally recognize the girl who's waving at me. It was Gen, my former classmate in High School. She looked so different from wayback because she has gained so much weight. But like the old Gen that I know, she still loves to talk about guys. This time, she told me that she likes dating Jewish Men which she meets at jsingles.com. It's no wonder why she's still unattached because she's so choosy when it comes to men. She changes her mind so quickly. Well, I just hope my friend will finally meet the man of her dreams this time.

Saturday is Pamper Day

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It's Saturday which means its time to do some self-pampering. On top of my list of today's activity is a treat for my feet. It gets so battered with the whole weeks' wearing of high-heeled shoes plus the big deal of walking it did yesterday at the hospital. It must have walked a thousand miles, poor feet!

I am also planning to do something nice for my hair since I got envious of my sister's new fabulously shiny hair after she had a semi-rebonding session at the salon yesterday. However, I learned it will take more than 3 hours so it depends if I still have time left since I have plenty of assignments to do. But surely, I will never miss a trip to the mall today and probably a nice cup of coffee this evening. Those are the things I always look forward to.

Finding South Africa

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Africa has always sounded so mysterious to me. Maybe it's because of the fact that it is such a faraway place from my country. As such, I have always wanted to know more about South Africa as I get to hear about it mostly when they mention Angelina Jolie and her charitable works.

To satisfy my curiosity, I often browse for Top South African Websites at talkreviews.co.za. I am more comfortable using this site since its the users who Write a Website Review since I believe there's nobody more credible when it comes to website reviews than the users themselves.

Sanitary Napkins with Ion

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Has anyone heard about these napkins and panty shields that claim to have ions that have therapeutic effects on its users?

Our neighbor conducted a demo to compare the more popular brands of napkins in the market against her product called Anion. Based on the demo, I was convinced that it is really twice absorbent than that of the two leading brands of napkin combined. I saw with my own eyes how it has absorbed a glass of liquid while the two brands of napkin did not even if the two were put in the same glass.

However, with regards to its therapeutic claim like testimonies from a lady who was spared from a scheduled operation for myoma and a boy with scalded skin was restored to its original state because of using the ion strip in the napkin, that I cannot comment on. The napkin is expensive compared to that of the regular brands as it costs Php 25.00 a piece while their pantyliners sell for Php 10.00 a piece. Pretty expensive for the ordinary filipino. But like they say, there is no harm in trying. So I bought a pack which costs Php 300.00 not because I was convinced but more because of the fact that she put so much effort in trying to convince me. Hehehe...

Share your Opinions

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Are you opinionated? Take your opinions to a higher level by sharing your views about Top Websites at talkreviews.com. If you are bold enough, you can even Write a Website Review of your own website. How about that? Your opinions are only as good when you share it with others. Here's something to think about, would you agree that google is on the top of the list while yahoo comes in second? Let me hear you talk.

Froggy Thoughts

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I went to the mall yesterday looking for a wallet when I was disturbed by the sight of a wallet that has the shape of a frog! In fact, it could be really a frog skin that it was made of.

I saw it in one of Jessica Soho's segment in her Saturday night show. The make wallets and bags out of frog's dried skin. No matter how ugly those creatures are, they play a vital role in keeping balance in our ecosystem. Poor frogs! It's probably one of the reasons why I no longer hear them kokak on rainy evenings. I will never patronize those products if that's the only way I can save the other frogs from extinction. What if one of those frogs could have been that handsome prince?! Sad thought. I think the same goes for other animals, I would never want to buy those expensive stuffs they brag about just because it was made of some poor animal's skin or fur. How about you?

Some Scenes at the Airport

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We were thirty minutes ahead of time for my sister Jenny's scheduled arrival at the Airport. She supposed to arrive at 1:45pm and so we were there as early as 1:15pm. It was so hot outside so we decided to stay in the car. Different scenes can be seen in the airport. There were passengers in a hurry trying to catch their flight, people exchanging sad goodbyes or people who are so happy to see a loved one whom they have not seen for quite a long time. However, one scene caught my attention. It is that of a young father with a baby sling attached to his one year old boy. Having a baby sling is such a great idea.

This was a new and refreshing sight as I am only used to see mothers with Baby Slings to carry their babies. And the ones that I saw are of the same type. When I saw that young dad, I was amused to see his baby sling as it was like that of a kangaroo's pouch. Speaking of Kangaroo, I am reminded of my sister again since I promised to treat her to Kangaroo, it's a coffee shop which she hasn't checked yet. It's past 2:20pm and the plane has not arrived yet, the flight must have been delayed because it's been raining hard in Manila for a couple of days now. At 2:45pm, the plane has finally landed and after a few minutes, I saw my cute sister Jenny whom I missed so much.

Great Book: Kokology

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Last Weekend, my sisters and I had a trip to National Bookstore. It's been quite a while since I last indulge in a good book. The last one I read was Eleven Minutes by Paolo Coellho which I borrowed from fellow blogger, Shieryl. My sister love to read books about personal development and so we searched first the psychology and self-help section of the bookstore.

We found a great book that's all about self-discovery. The book is entitled "Kokology: More of the Game of Self-Discovery by author, Tadahiko Nagao and its creator, Isamo Saito. Since the first book was a success, there is a sequel to it which is also entitled Kokoly 2. We bought both 1 and 2. When we got home, we immediately sat on the book. The book is like a question and answer game where in you get to answer one question (mostly situational) by choosing one among a set of choices of answer. The answers that you choose have a corresponding psychological analysis that help you discover more of yourself. The book is fun for two or more people as it is a great way to get to know not only yourself but also other people. Grab your copy now as I guarantee this is one fun book.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Style starts from Within

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Feeling and being beautiful on the outside starts with what you wear underneath. No matter how beautiful and elegant your dress is but that brassiere you are wearing is making you way uncomfortable, then it affects your entire mood. It could be you are using the wrong bra size or the wrong bra style that does not compliment your dress' neckline. I know because I have experienced that.

Speaking of which, I am reminded that I will be hitting the gym again as I have been gaining so much weight already. Therefore, I should start looking for good Pushup Bras to use for my expected rigorous workout. Bumping into barenecessities.com at this time is just perfect. I have been browsing their catalog and found three fantastic styles that I like.

Oh well, I guess I'm talking too much again.Sorry!

The Black Cat's got a Plan

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This is our cat, Tommy. He's very naughty but extra-sweet. My brother found him in a gas station when he was still a helpless kitten. Brother took pity on him so he brought him home. He's so intelligent and responsible too for he knows that he's not allowed to poop or pee inside the house. That is why whenever nature calls, he immediately run outside to look for a place to hide his poop.

Judging by the look on his face, he's obviously thinking of something. Maybe, he's not just in the mood for some picture taking or he's probably thinking of that fish on the table.

When you're looking for someone like yourself

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Compatibility with regards to personality is really hard to find in the real world considering that there are millions of people out there. The best approach to finding the person that will perfectly blend with one's personality is to look in places where people like yourself hang out. This is how gothscene.com gives Goth Singles a place to meet and chat and possibly find the 0ne that's right for them.

Favorite Recipe: Chopsuey

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This is one of my all-time favorite veggies recipe, Chopsuey. This is a chinese dish which consists of different kinds of vegetables.

This one's what I had for dinner last Saturday night at the Dimsum Diner in Gaisano Mall after hours of walking and window shopping. And since unfortunately, this is not a cooking blog, the recipe is not available here. Though I know how to cook it, I guess I am just not gifted with the talent to share my cooking know-how in a way that readers will be able to appreciate and understand.

The most delicious chopsuey I have ever tasted is the one that's made by our neighbor who serve take-out orders. Sadly, they stopped doing business already, I don't know why.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beware of Textmates

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I am currently listening to the news right now. It seems so scary that there is an increasing number of teenage girls being raped by people they have just met through text messages. One common thing about their stories is that the girl have a textmate, usually someone who just "accidentally" sent a wrong message and then eventually they end up being textmates. Only when they decided to meet for an eyeball, the girl is being raped by her predator. If only parents had monitored their daughter's phone calls and textmates byusing a Phone Number Lookup like that of the phonelookupscan.org, they could have avoided those tragedies.

100 Days to go til Christmas

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The cold breeze woke me up early dawn today. There's no denying that Christmas time is near. As a matter of fact, I went to the mall the other night and they were already playing Chistmas songs. How I love hearing Christmas carols as they remind me of my childhood when Christmas is such a wonderful time. I am looking forward to shopping for decors, christmas gifts and stuffs for our Christmas recipes. Woohoo..And to be exact, it is 100 days to go 'til Christmas.

One Missed Call

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When I was still very diligent with job hunting a few years back, I would always be anticipating to get a call from the company where I submitted my application. I realized how one missed call could mean letting one great opportunity to slip from your fingers. I know this well because I have experienced not being able to take one call only to find out that it was from one of the companies I applied to. I was just unfortunate that I don't live in the US or Canada in order for me to be able to get help from a Reverse Phone Registry. If I did, I would have probably taken that job.

Why Do We Need Friends?

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Got a new tag from my friend and office mate, Tes. I guess there's no need to explain why we need friends. Everybody knows how lonely life could be without friends. It's just unimaginable!


We need Friends for many reasons,all throughout the season.We need Friends to comfort us when we are sad,and to have fun with us when we are glad.We need Friends to give us good advice,We need someone we can count on,and treat us nice.We need Friends to remember usone we have passed sharing memoriesthat will always last.Spread the Poem of Friendship.

I am tagging all my friends in my blogroll.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jewish Hang-out

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Chatrooms can be sometimes intimidating especially when there are different types of people around. Hence, to avoid possible discrimination and word war from chatrooms, there have been specific chatrooms that are intended for one denomination or race. An example of this would be that of the Jewish Chat Rooms at jewishchatcity.com. This is a place where jewish people can meet and interact with other jewish. It is like a social networking site where jewish people can sign up for free and then start meeting with other members of this site.

Big-eyed Ygor

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Ygor is such a camwhore. He loves to take the spotlight and is always about ready to flash his cute little smile whenever he catches a glimpse of the camera. He loves to socialize with people that I guess he probably thinks he is one of them. hehehe..

How I wish Ygor is mine but he's not. He's the best friend of my sister's friend. I wish one day though that when he's old enough to raise a family of his own, I'll have one of his adorable puppies to call my own.

Curious about the Emo Fever

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Everyday, I see more and more teens being taken by the emo culture. They seem to be everywhere I go, in malls, moviehouse, or on the streets. Now, I wouldn't be surprise to hear of an Emo Chat that kids frequently engage in. After all, it is a place where they can connect with people who share the same interest and culture as them. Last night, while doing my usual netsurfing, I stumbled upon emochatcity.com. I decided to take a peek as a guest so I could learn more about what emo culture is. Just so I could satisfy my curiosity.

A Ray of Inspirational Light

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As each day passes by, I learned more and more things here in blogosphere. My experiment with blogging was such an enjoyable and lucrative experience. I was able to have my fair share of money, excitement and disappointment as I blog each day. A week ago, I was so disheartened and disappointed with one incident but I was too quick to recover.

To encourage myself to get on with blogging, I searched for other bloggers' sites who share their success with blogging. All of them said that they too had their own share of disappointments and hardships when they were still starting out. And so instead of sulking, I am back on my feet again and ready to face the challenge.

Latina People on the Web

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I was in a coffeeshop earlier this afternoon to meet an old friend. While waiting for my friend to arrive, I overheard two young men's conversation on the table next to where I was seated. It wasn't my intention to listen to them but they were talking so loud. They were talking about their ideal girlfriend. The other one said that he goes for a latina beauty but since it's so hard to find latina girls here, he goes to the internet to look for his dream girl. He mentioned Latina Chat Rooms at latinachatcity.com that he's been frequently visiting these days. Well, my friend finally arrived so my attention shifted from those guys to my friend who surprised me with a gift. What it was? that's what you'll find out in my future posts. hehehe..

Photo Hunt

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My sister has always aspiredto venture into photography as a hobby. Finally, she's got the chance to start working on this dream when she at last can afford to buy a Nikon SLR camera.

She bought her prized shutterbug two months ago and since then she's been capturing objects that catches her probing eyes. These pictures were taken at the Hotel Intercontinental while waiting for a friend.

My sissy is home for a short visit right now so as soon as she stepped on Davao territory, she immediately arranged for a tour to the People's Park with yours truly tomorrow so she could take pictures of Davao's new park which she still has not visited. I will be posting the pics on my next post. Ciao!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Chat Day with my Best Friend

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The internet is a saving grace for good friends who are separated by distance and circumstances. I have several good friends who are now in different parts of the world because they chose to look for greener pastures or have married a foreigner. Since it would be impossible to visit them, the only way we can communicate is through text messages or phone calls. But that would be too costly so we found a way to communicate and see each other for free with the Online Chat at onlinechatcity.com. I must say that it's the best way to connect with friends from different parts of the world.

Baggy Thoughts

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This is the pink Victoria's Secret bag that my Tita Malou gave me when she came home for a vacation two months ago. This is such a great and timely gift for me as I was planning to get a big, reliable bag where I can stuff all my clothes and shoes for gym work out.

Just perfect. it doesn't look like I've been to the gym for a workout in case I want to do some window-shopping afterwards. I also get to use it whenever I travel for it can accommodate gazillion things inside. hahaha...

Asian Chat City

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There's a new place where Asians from all over the world can meet and chat. There is a Free Asian Chat website where asians can meet and chat. Membership is absolutely free at asianchatcity.com where it is so easy to sign up. Like other social networking sites, members can also create their own profile and avatar. Be seen and be heard, check the asianchatcity.com now.

A passing fancy: Cross-stitching

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This is one of my major achievements. The Angel of Hope which is a cross-stitched pattern I made several years ago. Cross-stitching is one of my favorite past time a few years ago. I started this hobby as my friends Evy and Lanie was so addicted to it. In fact, every week they would have a new finished project to be framed.

This hobby is so engaging because once you start stitching, it's hard for you to stop. This is probably due to the eagerness you get out of wanting to see the finished project. A word of advice though, this could also do damage to your eyes so better take caution. My eyes started to deteriorate because I was so addicted to it that I do this until the wee hours of the morning thus making my eyes so tired. However, this could be a very fulfilling hobby for anyone who have plenty of spare time.

A new venue for Christians

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Social Networking sites and online forum are good way for people to reach out to other people. But most social networking sites and online forum are targeted towards general audiences. However recently, there are new social networking sites and forum that have been put up for a specific audience. One of them is the Christian Chat City which is a good venue for Christians to meet and talk about religion and christianity.

Our Family Stress-Buster

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That's our loyal dog, Jar-Jar (short for Jar-jar Binx, the funny character from Star Wars). She's a furry and lovely half-bred mongrel. Jar-jar has been with us for several years and she never failed to put a big smile on our faces especially during sad times.

Whenever we come home after work, she would eagerly await us to arrive at our front door the moment she catches a glimpse of us from afar. She would wag her tail endlessly and jump with obvious delight on her face upon the sight of her masters.

Jar-jar gave birth to three cute and mischievous puppies, the ones that you see in the picture. Take a look at their faces and I need not say anything more. They're a bundle of joy with their playful and funny ways.

Whenever I am feeling stressed-out, I play with these cute little puppies to relieve me of the day's stress.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Biker's Haven

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My friend who loves biking would definitely be glad when I break this good news to him. I found a place where he could hang out and get a Free Biker Chat with his fellow bikers. The membership is free so my frugal friend never have to worry and he can use it forever for free. I would probably ask for a cheeseburger from him when I tell him the news.

Can I have a Vacation please?

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I guess it is time for me to get a vacation. I haven't got one break this year. Although there were plenty of holidays last month, I wasn't able to take a rest from pressure because of my mom's illness.

I can feel that stress is really settling in so I better take a break from it and find quality time to relax and pamper myself. However, I still can't decide where to go to this year. Last year's vacation in Bohol was really a grand time. I like going to scenic spots like the one in the picture taken at Sagbayan Peak. Hmmm.... where will I be this time?

New Ringtone for my Phone

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My cellphone is one of my vanities. Since I consider it to be one of my prized possessions, I constantly pimp it up. One of my favorite things to do with my cellphone is to change my ringtones frequently because I feel happy whenever other people appreciate it when they hear it. The latest that I downloaded is Gold Digger from Kanye West Realtones. Downloading is so easy at kanyewestringtone.net.

Must Read: Blogging From Home

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I am glad that finally there's a book that covers everything that aspiring pro-bloggers must know. This is the book entitled "Blogging from Home" which is authored by Janette Toral, the owner of the site digitalfilipino.com.

I took a look at the outline of the book and found it very interesting so I am definitely eager to buy a copy of this book. It does not only give an overview of the basic things that a blogger must know but also gives advice on blog management such as handling attacks and criticisms to your blog. I am glad that there is a reseller here in Davao where I could get my copy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Local Divorce Records

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In relation to my previous post about finding out whether one's boyfriend is really single or not, I forgot to mention that some guys also keep their divorce a secret. Likewise, local divorce records are also available for you to search. For instance, if you are from Missouri or your boyrfriend is from Missouri, you can search Missouri Divorce Records to find out if he's keeping it a secret. But it is always best to ask him about it first. If you are not satisfied, then it's time to do some research. A woman's instinct is something that she should heed.

Food Stop: Entréé at the Apo View Hotel

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Here's another one famous buffet restaurant in Davao City. The Entréé offers buffet for the price of Php 670 per person. They have a vast selection of food that you can feast on. Whether you are a meat lover, a vegetarian or you love seafood recipes, you will find everything at the Entréé. They also have a variety of unique and delicious dessert for the sweet tooth.

The Entréé is conveniently located at the ground floor of the Apo View Hotel in Camus St., Davao City. Don't forget to go with an empty stomach.

Is he really single or not?

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I have heard this story so many times. Ladies thinking that their boyfriend is single and so faithful to them only to find out later that the guy is married. Back in college, I know of somebody who committed suicide because she got pregnant but her boyfriend could not marry her because it turned out that he is married. If only her friends had known then that they can help her search for Public Marriage Records then they would have saved her. Nationwide marriage records can be searched via nationwidemarriagerecords.org. So the next time you see something suspicious about your boyfriend's habit, you know where to go.

Favorite Meeting Place: Mr. Donuts

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Whenever my parents and us (siblings) would agree to meet up after work, the only meeting place we go to is Mr. Donuts at Victoria Plaza. The reason is because the food at Mr. Donuts is so affordable and the place is just the perfect meeting place. As what I have observed from the countless times that I have been there, most people hold their meetings.

The place has been strategically designed so that you won't mind having so many people around because you are confident that they will be minding their own business. The tables have been arranged in such a way that you won't be able to take notice of other people there nor overhear their conversations. It's different from the other fastfood chains that are typically noisy with kids running around.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Crime Watch

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Whenever I watch television news, I always hear stories about children or teenagers being molested or raped by people in their neighborhood. A common thing about their stories is that they never thought the offender is capable of doing such crime. They failed to realize that it's difficult to distinguish sex offenders. A good solution to the problem though is to provide a list of these offenders like that of michigansexoffenderlist.org who helps residents of Michigan be aware of Michigan Sex Offenders. Indeed, awareness is the only best solution to prevent this crime from happening in one's neighborhood.

New Lay-out for my other Blog

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I have made a revamp of my other blog, Watchamacallit!. I changed the lay-out and its entire appearance. Hopefully, it looked better than the old one. My next project would be this one. I have noticed that while I was doing my round of blog visits, some of the links that I have here does not have my blog on their links list. Thus, I will be deleting these blogs from my list as soon as I have the time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Putting an End to Harassing Calls

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People who are constantly harrassed by annoying calls from prank callers can now put an end to their predicament. There are already sites where people can perform a Mobile Phone Search in order to find out the owner of any landline or mobile phone number by checking reversemobilephones.org. Finally, these people can find relief from annoying calls.

Fun Game: Taboo

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This is a Taboo game set given by my Tita Malou. This is game patterned after the "Charade" which can be played by two persons or by groups for more fun. There are a two set of cards, one the easier type of questions and the other type is more difficult.

On each card, there is a set of 5 taboo words that that describes the main word on the card. The player must not mention the taboo words in guessing the correct word on the card. The Word can be a famous person, a place or a movie. The player or the group who have guessed the higher number of words win.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Identify Unknown Callers

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Phone calls are very important since it can be considered a vital form of communication for everyone. For some, a phone call could make or break a business deal. Imagine if you missed that one call from a business prospect and failed to return the call just because you think it's a prank call because you don't know the number. That can be very frustrating.

While phone calls are important, some people find it annoying and harrassing when they receive prank calls and calls from insistent telemarketers. To address this problem, people who are harrassed by these types of calls can now search information about these callers through callerbase.com's
reverse lookup database. Their service is available to both telephone and cellphone numbers in US and Canada. This would surely put an end to those prank calls. To find out more about this service, visit callerbase.com.

Beaded Accessories

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One of my favorite ways of spending my spare time before was to make beaded bracelets and necklaces. My sister Jenny loves to use stylish beaded necklaces to accessorize her clothes. So inspired by how these accessories look so fabulous, I started investing on materials needed to start my beaded accessories project.

Initially, I started with the easier projects like making use of elastic nylon that only requires putting all the beads altogether and securing both ends. Eventually, I moved to making more intricate styles like charm bracelets made of glass stones and swarovski crystals. These beads and stones are more expensive that's why making the project needs care because they can be broken.
I also made a good deal of money out of this hobby. Not only did it serve as a good way of making use of my idle time, I was alo able to express my creativity concretely with the different styles that I made. If you are planning to try this hobby, I suggest you start with the very basic materials that you will be needing. These are pliers, cutter, beads (of course!) but start with the synthetic ones as they are cheaper, nylons and wires. That's it, good luck to your project.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Looking for a Web Host

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My blogger-friend has just acquired a new domain of her own. We've been planning to do that a month ago and I'm happy that she finally got the chance to get her own domain name. Before that, we have already been looking around for good web hosting providers that will meet our requirements and are considered to be best for blog hosting. Price and features are definitely on top of our list.

To help us find what we need, we relied on one site to do the decision-making for us. Webhostingrating.com is a website that provides users with website reviews and feedbacks about different webhosting companies. It is a goood resource for those who want to buy their own domain because there they can find the list of best web hosts for the year and several useful articles that users can consider in choosing their potential webhosting provider. In fact, whenever there are some things that I do not clearly understand, I go to their site and browse under the articles to see if I can find something that will help me. And almost always, I find the answers that I need.

I am currently checking their web hosting directory so I can study and compare each one of them. I am so eager to get a new domain as that would probably increase my earning prospects in blogging.

Alone and Restless

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I am the only one who's still up at this time of the night. Everyone seems to be in deep slumber right now. My father forgot to turn off the television. While I am busy blogging here, I can hear the sound of TV very clearly. The TV show that's currently tuned in talks about spooky experiences of respondents like aswang and all that stuff. It really gave me goosebumps that I hurriedly looked for the remote control as I don't wanna take a look at it for I may see some strange creatures. Thank God, my sister is still awake. Whew! that was really scary. I decided not to sleep in my room tonight so I'm gonna have to sleep with my mom. I'm scared!

Car Hire Services

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If you have a scheduled business trip or a vacation to Portugal, wouldn't it be nice and convenient to be driving and exploring the place at your own pace and comfort? That can only be possible when you are driving your own car. But since it's a faraway place, the closest option would be getting a portugal car hire service.

Finding a cheap car hire service can be easily done in minutes by simply checking carhire.co.uk. You can find a list of available car hire services and which type of car you would want to drive. If you are travelling on a budget, you can at least try to compare 40 different car hire companies for Portugal first before deciding which one to choose. Now that's an easy solution for you.

Staying up Late for Overtime

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Because of the glitch that bloggers experienced yesterday, I am still up trying to make up for yesterday's loss. Also, I can't make use of my other blog in one blogging site because according to them it did not pass their audit. I even didn't know what their criteria is. Everybody doesn't seem to know either. Anyhow, I wish that problem will be resolved soon as it can be really disgusting considering that I have put so much of my time and effort trying to build that site and for it to finally earn a pagerank of 5 to just go into waste.

Practice your Reasoning Skills

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One good way of checking how good your reasoning skills fare is through debates. Those who are studying in Law School would probably make good practice by engaging in a meaningful and intelligent political debate. Now, this can be done online by simply checking out debating sites like arguewitheveryone.com. There are various topics of debates that you can choose from ranging from politics to healthcare. This could be timely as the political scenario is hot these days.

A Peek at Caffé Firenzo

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The photos we took inside Caffé Firenzo as promised. We checked the place on a Saturday evening and there were plenty of people there. Unlike most coffee shops nowadays where it no longer has that relaxing ambience because of boisterous laughter of loquacious customers, this café has a lot of room for guests so you can have your own little space. Just thinking of the place made me go hungry again. Hay Naku!

Re-painting my Bedroom

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Last year, I decided to have my bedroom painted with the shades of lavender and lemon green. Now that it's been over a year, I am already growing tired of seeing and waking up each morning to see those colors. That is why I am again thinking of re-painting my bedroom with another color.

In preparation for my room painting project, I am slowly investing on good painting tools like rollers and paint sprayers. I want my bedroom to look like it's brand new so I plan to get only the best tools and painting materials that I will be needing. To help me find them, I rely on shopwiki.com where one can easily find all the best home improvement tools around.

Right now, I am still deciding on which paint color to use. Maybe yellow would look good.

Random Thought:Writer's Block

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I am actually staring at my monitor a few minutes ago thinking of good topics to write here but it seems that I still haven't seen that much sought ray of inspirational light to be able to impart something of substance here. So here I am, just pouncing every key as my fingers dictate the flow of my mind's thought or is it the other way around?

Truth is, I am still in a state of shock over the string of events concerning my other blog. Anyways, I wouldn't let that affect me as I have other important things to worry about. My mind is loaded with so many ideas right now that I just have to organize them one by one. Huh!

Magnetic Therapy for better Health

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I came to know about the use of magnet therapy to improve one's health through an officemate who was talking magnetic products last month. These products are supposed to relieve joint pains when used. From then on, I heard about more and more people talking about how magnets can be helpful in improving one's health condition.

This is called magnetic therapy. The use of certified magnets restores the body's zeta (negative) potential, higher zeta potentials indicate healthier cells. I searched the internet about these products and stumbled upon relieforganics.com which sells magnetic therapy products that can address problems about sleep and neck and joint pains.

You may check their site if you want to learn more about the use of these magnetic therapy products. Those who have special conditions such as those using pacemakers should be forewarned about the proper use of these magnets.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Greenwich -Victoria Plaza

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This is one of the places that me and my sister Amy frequents whenever our tummies crave for beef and mushroom.

This photo was taken on a friday, a local holiday. We headed here for a quick lunch break from the hospital. This sight is an unusual one as the place is always packed with people. Maybe, they were all out in the streets to watch the happenings since it was Kadayawan that time.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Web Hosting Reviews

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When looking for a good web hosting provider, it should always be treated like you are shopping for your dream car. Of course, you want your car to take you to where you want to go, you want it to perform well. Same goes for your web host, you must look for the best there is. One way to do this is to search for hosts that has good web hosting rating.

One can get the latest ratings from sites that provides web hosting reviews like webhostinggeeks.com. Here, you'll get the latest list of the toprated webhosting sites and their corresponding features, price and rating. If you want to do a more specific search, you can do it by simply looking under the categories that you wish to search like best blog hosting.

Surely, those who are planning to get their own domain will find this site very useful as it is full of resources.

Looking forward to Christmas Holidays

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It's now September! And when it's the start of the ..ber months, it means fun and merriment. Octoberfest, Halloween party and the colorful and wonderful season of Christmas. Like most people, Christmas is my most favorite time of the year. The song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" describes everything why Christmas is my favorite. The Christmas Carols, gift-giving, the lights and glitters, the cool breeze on Christmas mornings.

As early as now, I am starting to make a checklist of things to do and what to buy this Christmas. On top of my list is the motif of the Christmas decors we will use this year. It's better to buy decors this early because prices go up when it's near Christmas season. Apart from that, I also make a list of my inaanak that I am going to give presents to this Christmas and gift ideas for my family. But the one major item on my list would be the menu we will be having for Noche Buena and Media Noche, the list of ingredients we're going to need so as we can already set aside a budget for it.

Preparing for the Christmas Holidays is an activity that my sisters and I look forward to every year. Now that it's September, we are excited to plan for a very special Christmas this year.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Smarter Business Solutions

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There are as many business outsourcing solutions available to businessmen today that will help them address problems in a cost-efficient way. Among these are the use of third-party companies' services to address their collection problems or for some businesses, their warehousing problems and inventory management.

For companies who have various distribution outlets, the employment of a third-party company that offers warehousing and fulfillment services is a good option. However, it is best that you get the best company that offers this service because customer satisfaction and a good deal of the business' money relies on this aspect of business. It is therefore imperative to get one of the best companies to offer product fulfillment and order fulfillment services like that of amsfulfillment.com.

Last Song Syndrome

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"Are you gonna stay with the one who loves you or are you going back to the one you love. Someone's gonna cry when they know they've lost you, Someone's gonna thank the stars above."

I heard this song on the radio a while ago and remembered that this is one of my friend Sheila's favorite songs. From these lines, one can easily relate to the dilemma of decision-making. Life is filled with choices and every choice we make dictates the next chapter that unfolds before us.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Legal Research Help

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If you are like me who loves to watch "The Practice" and loves to do research or you are a law student who needs help with your legal researches, there is actually a website that allows you to search for Court Records and access any court documents that you may need. All you need to do is enter the name of the subject in the search box and that's it. You get the help that you need.

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