Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dying to lose weight

Posted by The Queen Bee at Wednesday, August 27, 2008
For a majority of my life, I have always worn snug-fit clothes. I used to fit in kid's size 12 shirt and my waistline used to be 23 inches so I never have any problem with choosing which clothes to wear since I can wear almost anything I want. But those were just things of the past. During the past three years, I added more and more pounds to my weight and similarly, layers of fat pile up my mid-section making it such an ugly sight. My weight gain has never done me any good because not only has it cost me more money to buy new sets of clothes as the old ones no longer fit me, the more negative effect is the impact it has on how I look at myself and how uncomfortable this body has made me feel.

As a conscious effort to get back into shape, I have desperately tried almost everything from going into diets to doing all sorts of exercises. I enrolled myself in a gym where I have literally tried aerobics exercises, cardio exercise programs and strength training. I have also tried several sports that also serve as good cardio exercise like badminton. I managed to lose weight but it's only minimal until one day I was so desperate enough that I decided to go on a strict diet even if I was never the type who can stand those things. I have always viewed those diet plans a form of self-deprivation. At first, I was so confused which one to follow as there are as many diet programs out there claiming to make you lose weight in just a few weeks. There are even those that are claimed by big stars to have been responsible for their awesome weight loss. One of them is singer Queen Latifah who uses the Jenny Craig diet plan. Others appeal to one's whole being like what Weight watchers claim to do.

Whatever diet plan they wanna call it, I know the one diet program that will suit me would be one that will allow me to eat anytime I want to eat. I just can't live without food. Thankfully, I may have probably found the answer to my weight loss problem when just recently, I came across the website where I read that you can actually lose weight by eating several times a day. Hmm... sounds perfect for me. I have to try this one out.



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